Frequently Asked Questions

1370989645_gnome-help What is the $30.00 charge on my first DL&P bill?

A charge of $30.00 is made for reading a meter or meters at one service location for a change in customers on an account or at an existing service on a date other than the regularly scheduled reading date.

1370989645_gnome-help     How can I tell if I am on AUTOPAY?

You can tell if you are on the Autopay program by looking at your bill. “Autopay” is printed directly under your address at the top of the bill and it also appears on the stub at the bottom.

1370989645_gnome-help I have already signed up for the AUTOPAY program but I am still receiving my electric bill. Why?

Even though you signed up for our Autopay program, we will still be mailing you a copy of your bill for your records. If you do not want a copy of your bill mailed to you, you can go to our website and sign up for our “EBILL” program. You will then be notified via email when your new bill is available for viewing.

1370989645_gnome-help Can I pay my bill over the phone or online using a credit or debit card?

Yes. In order to do so, you need to call Payment Service Network Inc., at 1.877.885.7968. For more information visit Payment Service Network Inc.

1370989645_gnome-help If my power was disconnected because the account was delinquent, what would I have to pay to have my power restored?

If your power was disconnected for nonpayment, you would need to pay your past due amount and a reconnection fee, which presently is $72.00 during normal working hours and $105.00 after hours.  You may also be required to pay a meter deposit calculated by adding the two highest consecutive months of billing together.  This meter deposit would be held by the company for 12 months.  Once 12 months goes by without any late payments  on your account, you will receive your deposit back plus interest.

1370989645_gnome-help What is the Power Cost Adjustment Clause (Code 5) that is on my bill every month?

Power Cost Adjustment Clause

1370989645_gnome-help What is the difference between a year round customer and a seasonal customer?

A “Year Round” customer is one who lives in the residence 12 months out of the year. A seasonal customer is defined as “one who uses electricity seven months or less during each year”. Seasonal customers will have their meters read and shall be billed three times a year. The seasonal customer billing will occur in May, July and September; or June, August and October; as defined by the utility.” Both the “Year Round” and the “Seasonal” customer pay the same monthly fixed charge and the same kWh charge. The only difference is when the meters are read and billed.