DLP Advises on Proper Protocol for Electric Meter Readings

Follow the Guidelines Provided to Make Way for the Meter Reader

Meter Reader | Dahlberg Light & PowerD.L.&P. employees need safe access into your yard to read the electric meter. At other times, our employees may need to get to equipment providing your home with service. With a little help from you, our employees can get their jobs done safely, and go home at the end of the day as healthy as when they came to work.

Toys, hoses, construction materials, fences, trash and uncut vegetation can all cause someone to trip and be injured. You can help by maintaining a clear path through your yard to the electric meter. It will also help to keep the area in front of the meter open and free of vegetation or anything that can block a clear view of the dials.

Dogs, even friendly ones, sometimes take exception to our employees getting too close to your yard or home. No matter how harmless a loose dog in the yard may seem, it could mean a serious bite or injury to our employee.