Dahlberg Light & Power Safety Procedures: Power Outage

Follow These 10 Steps in the Event of an Outage

24 Hour Service

To Report an Outage



1 If some of your lights are on, check the main breaker in the panel. It could be located inside of your home or out building. If your meter is not on a building check the main breaker located at the pole or on the pedestal outside.
2 If all of your lights are off, listen to your meter. If it is humming, the trouble is probably on your side of the service. THE COMPANY DOES NOT DO ANY SERVICE OR ELECTRICAL WORK ON THE WIRING ON YOUR SIDE OF THE METER. If you have any service work to be done, call your local electrician.
3 If the meter is not humming, then call your neighbors prior to calling us to see if they have lights or not. We can restore service faster if we know whether a section of line or an isolated customer does not have power.
4 When calling to report a power outage, please give your name, telephone number, fire number, your location and the name of any neighbors who are also without power.
5 If you see any potentially hazardous situation (downed wires, broken poles or burning tree branches on the line, etc.) call us immediately. Remember – for safety sake, stay away from all downed wires or broken poles as they may be dangerous.
6 Use a flashlight when it gets dark. Avoid candles because of the fire risk.
7 Unplug computers, TVs, VCRs, and other sensitive appliances. This will avoid possible damage when electricity comes back on.
8 Turn off all but one of the lights that were on, so you will notice when electricity is restored.
9 Turn off heat-producing appliances like electric irons and heaters to prevent fires in case no one is home when power is restored.
10 Traffic lights and railroad crossings may not work. If you are in a car, remind the driver to stop, look, and listen for cross traffic.