Dahlberg Light & Power Recommended Water Heater Temerature

DLP and Wisconsin Act 102 Suggest Thermostat No Higher Than 102

Water Heater Temperature | Dahlberg Light and PowerDid you know that each year 34 deaths occur in the home due to scalding from excessively hot tap water? Most of these accidents involve children under the age of 5 and adults over the age of 65.

The Wisconsin Statue 196.373 (2), created by the 1987 Wisconsin Act 102 of the state legislature, requires that every public utility providing service within Wisconsin include a periodic statement ‚Äúrecommending that water heater thermostats be set no higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit in order to prevent severe burns and unnecessary energy consumption‚ÄĚ.

You can check the hot water temperature in your home by holding a meat thermometer under running hot water from the faucet for two minutes. If the temperature is more than 125 degrees, lower the water heating setting and recheck the temperature in a day or two. Please check with your water heater appliance supplier or local serviceman if you would like help in determining the setting of the thermostat on your water heater.

REMEMBER, always check the water before placing a child in the bathtub and never leave them alone or with other young children.