Dahlberg Light & Power Guidelines for New Construction

Making New Electric Service Hassle Free

Find out all the necessary information to start the process of applying for new electric here! To be qualified as a new construction customer you must a.) be installing a new meter socket and b.) not have previously had power at this particular location. Please view the forms below to learn more about how to start service, or contact DLP today for more information.

Getting Started
1370977973_button-power_blue New Service Application Process
1370977973_button-power_blue Application for New Service (Submit Form Electronically)
1370977973_button-power_blue Location Diagram
1370977973_button-power_blue Off Peak Socket Diagram
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Check List
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Form (Sample)
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Form (Blank)
1370977973_button-power_blue Hook Up Requirements
1370977973_button-power_blue Affidavit
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground Release Form
Electrical Service Spec. Sheets 
1370977973_button-power_blue Residential Wiring Information
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground to Building
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground to Pedestal
1370977973_button-power_blue Overhead to Building
1370977973_button-power_blue Overhead to Pole
Off Peak and Dual Fuel Options
1370977973_button-power_blue General Information
1370977973_button-power_blue Off Peak Socket Diagram
1370977973_button-power_blue Interruptable Electrical Service Agreement


New Service FAQ’s


Q: Is there a charge for an estimate?

A: There is no charge to get a cost estimate, but you must fill out an application & draw a diagram of your property & where you want to bring the power to.


Q. How do I know if you are the electric provider for my service?

A: If you’re not sure if you are in Dahlberg’s service area, please contact us by phone or e-mail & provide us with your legal property description.


Q: How are the costs determined for my new service estimate?

A: We base the charges off of the distance from the nearest transformer to the location of the meter socket. Any type of terrain condition (swampy, rock, and densely wooded) could add to the cost.  You get up to 90’ of your service drop for no charge, & a $496.00 residential credit towards any other costs.


Q: Does my estimate need to be paid in full before the construction can begin?

A: Yes, since it is for materials used it must be paid for in advance.


Q: Do you require a by-pass meter socket?

A: We do not require a by-pass socket for a residential service, but it is required for all commercial services.