Dahlberg Light & Power Guidelines for Rebuild Construction

Have Your Electric Line Rebuilt with a Few Simple Steps

If you are wanting to relocate existing lines on your property or possibly upgrade existing service, find all the information you need here! Rebuilding an electric line entails either moving an overhead or underground line to a new location, or changing the wire from overhead to underground or vice-versa. Complete the following steps to get started, or contact DLP customer service for further assistance.

Getting Started
1370977973_button-power_blue Application for Rebuild of Existing Service
(Submit Form Electronically)
1370977973_button-power_blue Location Diagram
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Check List
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Form (Sample)
1370977973_button-power_blue Easement Form (Blank)
1370977973_button-power_blue Wiring Affidavit
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground Agreement












Upgrade Your Meter Socket to Better Serve Your Needs

If you are upgrading your meter socket to either make sure it’s up to code or you just need more power because you’re using more electricity, we can check the wire and transformer size to make sure that it is adequate to serve your needs. For this option a coordinated appointment might be required between your electrician and our foreman.

Electrical Service Spec. Sheets
1370977973_button-power_blue Residential Wiring Information
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground to Building
1370977973_button-power_blue Underground to Pedestal
1370977973_button-power_blue Overhead to Building
1370977973_button-power_blue Overhead to Pole
Off Peak and Dual Fuel Options
1370977973_button-power_blue General Information
1370977973_button-power_blue Off Peak Socket Diagram
1370977973_button-power_blue Interruptable Electrical Service Agreement