DLP Advises for Electrical Safety Around Swimming Pools

Follow the Safety Codes Provided for Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Electrical Safety | DLPPool users can be seriously injured or even killed if local safety codes and standards regarding overhead/underground power lines around swimming pools are not followed. Locating pools away from power lines is safer for everyone. Here are some additional rules to follow when installing a swimming pool.

  • Make sure overhead electrical lines do not pass over the pool. Power lines should be at least 25 feet away from the pool in all directions. 
  • Allow a minimum clearance in any direction of at least 18 feet between overhead power lines and a diving board, deck, platform, slide or observation area. 
  • Pools should never be constructed or placed over underground electric cables. Pools and pool decking should be installed at least five feet away from all underground utility lines. 
  • Except for specially designed lighting fixtures, no electrical fixtures or receptacles should be permitted within five feet of a pool. 
  • Any electrical wiring that is within 20 feet of a swimming pool should have GFCI protection.